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Thread: Tour de France with Olympus 510

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    Tour de France with Olympus 510


    we scored a grandstand position on the final day of the Tour de France in Paris.

    Didn't know what kinda situation we were walking into so I took 25mm pancake, 12-60 and 50-200....never used the pancake

    some of the shots are here

    sorry for sending you off to another site... but took a lot of photos yesterday :-)

    was kinda disappointed on the CAF with the 50-200.... but maybe cyclists coming towards and past you a couple of metres away at 50 km/h is too much for any system.

    the 50/200 (SWD) would behave beautifully then would suddenly get distracted focus wise and often would take an age to get back on track.

    I just never felt confident with it

    Any suggestions on how best to tackle a subject like this would be appreciated.



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    Re: Tour de France with Olympus 510

    Very nice serie! Your comments with the photographs are very funny.
    What a commercial circus The Tour is in the beginning.

    The only thing I can think of is that you need an E-3 with a SWD version of the lens for this kind of work. If you want to stay with Olympus, of course.
    I never had the E-510 but I think it focusses slower.

    Anyway, I enjoyed the photographs.
    Kind regards, Michiel

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