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Thread: E-P1 shot to shot delay

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    E-P1 shot to shot delay

    One thing that's been bugging me is the shot to shot delay on the E-P1. I use it on Aperture setting, MF with legacy lenses. With my DSLR I'm used to instantaneous action between shots - however as noted in DPReview there is about a 1 second delay between shots when the E-P1 is used in single shot mode.

    Does anybody have any tips to shorten the delay? A faster memory card, maybe?

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    Re: E-P1 shot to shot delay

    Use a class 6 for sure....and...

    as soon as you release the shutter...don't wait for the screen to come back..just 1/2 press or full press the release and it's ready to go...and the AF works...
    it's actually quick....

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    Re: E-P1 shot to shot delay

    I've got a Transcend class 6, but I still get a delay of about a second to a second and a half. I'm hoping with a Sandisk Extreme III or IV it'll be better...

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