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Thread: 8x11 Minoxes back in production

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    8x11 Minoxes back in production

    Minox 8x11 offerings.. I thought they had gone the way of Giant Ground Sloth.

    "The market wants a Leica to be a Leica: the inheritor of tradition, the subject of lore, and indisputably a mark of status to own."
    Mike Johnston

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    Re: 8x11 Minoxes back in production

    "Not Dead Yet" applies, although they obviously sell to a very VERY small niche market on the basis of nostalgia and exclusivity. Nothing wrong with that ... particularly as the cameras can still take nice photographs.

    I still have a number of Minox 8x11 cameras, including a couple of special edition models I obtained during the 1990s, and a freezer full of fresh film for them.

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