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Thread: Can anyone speak Japanese here?

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    Can anyone speak Japanese here?

    Hi all,
    I'm travelling to Sapporo, Hokkaido mid January to take up a two month artist residency. I've very excited to finally experience for myself a culture and city I have long admired. The only problem I face is that I am wanting to shoot exclusively film, both C-41 4x5" sheets and 120 rolls, and am finding it hard to decipher specifics – my hosts have been ultra helpful so far but I do not want to bother them with questions over their new year holiday! Google translate, although humorous in many respects, is hard going too!

    This is the lab that will process, scan and print my film:

    They outsource the 4x5" C-41 developing but do the 120 in house. If there is anyone out there that can take the time to translate and answer a few of the following questions I have, I'd be eternally grateful!

    1: How much do they charge to process and scan to CD a roll of 120 C-41 film @ standard resolution (for small proof printing only) I think this is the page link:

    2: I see they provide RAW 3F scans off a Hasselblad X5 scanner ( What is the cost for a full resolution RAW 3F scan of a 6x7cm neg and 4x5" neg?

    3: What is the largest print size they do? Am I correct in reading it is 1,030 mm 1,456 mm using an Epson PX9500 printer? ( Are there any details as to what paper they print on?

    Thanks all for your time!


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    Re: Can anyone speak Japanese here?

    have you emailed them?

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