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Thread: Difficulty removing film from Yashica 635

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    Difficulty removing film from Yashica 635

    I am having a great time shooting with my lovely Yashica 635 TLR, but I find that when I have finished a roll of film and go to remove it, I have a bit of a struggle to get the spool out. (seems to bind...a pretty tight fit, no matter how many different spools I try, both old and new) It's fine when it is in place; (spins easily) is only difficult to remove. I suppose my pudgy fingers don't help matters any, but I just wonder if there is a knack to getting it out easily. I pull out the spool stud knob fully, but still, due to the angle the spool needs to be at to come out of there, it wants to get hung up. Is there a trick to this?


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    Re: Difficulty removing film from Yashica 635

    maybe this video can help you. just practice with empty spools.

    Yashica 635 Twin Lens Reflex Camera. - YouTube

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