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Thread: Viewfinder view

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    Viewfinder view

    Has anyone ever documented how much of the finder is blocked by various lenses and finder magnifications?.............Neil.

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    Re: Viewfinder view

    WAs this a daft question,is it an individual thing?I"d have thought it a nice reference especially if ,like me,no one sells leica within hundreds of miles.Guess its difficult to do,might involve some drawing I suppose.

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    Re: Viewfinder view

    I am not aware of a table or listing of lens/finder interference. I have seen indications of it within individual lens reviews. Sounds like a project for you. Track it all down and condense it into a handy spreadsheet.

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    Re: Viewfinder view

    Trouble is I only have a fifty and a 35,needs one of the collectors out there with access to a lot of lenses and cameras with the different magnifications.If I had all that it might be fun,more likely Id be bored to death which is probably why no one has done this,I do think it would be useful though.

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