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Thread: Resource for odd films and other things

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    Resource for odd films and other things

    The Frugal Photographer

    "Introducing the first 127 roll film to be made in North America since 1995."

    "The market wants a Leica to be a Leica: the inheritor of tradition, the subject of lore, and indisputably a mark of status to own."
    Mike Johnston

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    Re: Resource for odd films and other things

    I am a huge fan of the 127 roll films. Like 120 roll film, many diff neg sizes are possible (4x4, 4x6, 4x8, and 4x12) depending on the camera. I have purchased from FP in the past but gotten much better prices buying directly from Efke (Croatia), shipped via Agfa, Germany.

    Efke (ISO 100) 127 exposed at ISO 100, developed for a stain in PMK 1.2.100 produces a beautiful negative. The new 127 film is a color negative.

    One of the problems with 127 size film is getting stainless steel dev reels. I've had mine for a number of years, and they were difficult for me to find at that time. I suspect now it would be even more difficult.

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