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Thread: Newby to 8x10 B&W Processing

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    Newby to 8x10 B&W Processing

    Can anyone share specific instructions or refer me to a good basic straight forward book on processing 8x10 B&W sheet film?
    I am going to purchase an 8x10 field camera and want to shoot a little b&w along with my color work. I probably need to process it myself, so: I need instructions and I need to know which equipment (probably used) that I need to buy.
    PS- I looked at other posts related, but need to start from square one.

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    Re: Newby to 8x10 B&W Processing

    You'd have better luck on the Large Format Forum than here. Lots of film die hards over there.

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    Re: Newby to 8x10 B&W Processing

    Jon, before you dive into an 8x10 you may want to consider a 4x5. It is an excellent learning tool for rise/fall/swing/tilt as well as sheet film processing and is only a "big" hit to the bank, not the "huge" hit an 8x10 is. Have you priced 8x10 film?

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