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Thread: Scanning Family Photos

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    Scanning Family Photos

    I know that I am nuts just thinking about doing this but my sister has been organizing family photos, a mix of prints and mostly 120 size negs. At some point they need to be scanned. From the size of the boxes and mix of formats, commercial scanning would likely be quite expensive. I would guess that majority of the ones that she has been organizing are from late 1920s to mid-60s. A few from early 1900s.

    I will be visiting her around the holidays and get another look at the amount of "stuff". Any advice from people who have done this? (DON'T DO IT!! :>) Also, as a starting point is there a general "sweet spot" for resolution vs file size for this type of archival scanning?


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    Re: Scanning Family Photos

    My Better Half found a box full of his old negatives from the Year of the Flood, so I am in the middle of this process now. I am using an Epson V750 with the Espon software, batch scanning at 800 dpi and saving as jpegs, the average file size is about 300 kb and the quality is more than good enough for web & e-mail. If I find a gem here and there, I rescan them at a higher resolution tiff file. I figure if I do a couple of rolls each evening, I should be done before Easter.

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    Re: Scanning Family Photos

    Thanks for the reply....I am still in the "Do I really want to do this?" phase but unless she has come up with another solution for scanning..I'll probably begin and see how it goes. I briefly looked at some sample awhile ago and there were some "gems". One of my uncles had a pre-War(?) Rolleiflex ane there were some Kodachrome 6x6 negs and prints of my sister and I from about 1946.

    If if do this, I will probably do the prints with the 750 and negs with my 9000ED. What are you plans for archiving the scans?

    Thanks again:


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