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Thread: Surprising scanning result

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    Surprising scanning result

    So when I got my Kodachrome slides back from Dwayne's, along with the CD of the scans they did, I was a bit disappointed to see the greenish tinge in all my images. I figured I was using expired film, and was happy enough to have had a chance to shoot the famous Kodachrome film before it went away for good. Here's a sample of the CD scans from Dwayne's:

    Not too long ago I bought a V750 scanner for my MF and LF film scans, and while setting it up I decided to test it on my Kodachrome slides. The results were, frankly, shocking, and encouraging. Here's the same slide scanned on the stock 35mm slide holder, using the Epson Scan software, scanned at 4800 DPI and reduced to match the resolution of the Dwayne's scan:

    The colors in my scan match perfectly what I saw when I took the photos. I'm really pleased with the results, and now I can't wait to scan my entire collection of Kodachrome slides. I also tried the same scan using the SilverFast AI software, but I didn't get nearly the same color tones as I did with Epson Scan (which was also faster).

    So, in conclusion, I'm very happy with the image quality I get from my V750 even on 35mm film, and can't wait to see what it can do on MF and LF.

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    Re: Surprising scanning result

    I scan all my films [MF/LF, B&W and colors].
    In fact i am happy with Epson V750 more nowadays but the only thing that i am not happy with is that i want a drum scanner.

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    Re: Surprising scanning result

    Silverfast has a web page about scanning Kodachrome also calibration targets for Kodachrome.


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