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Thread: Repairing Minolta Dimage Scan Multi Pro

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    Repairing Minolta Dimage Scan Multi Pro

    I have a great Minolta DiMage Scan Multi Pro, model AF-5000 film scanner, that I think needs a dip switch (4 switch) replaced on the back panel. The switch selects scsi vs. Firewire ports on the back of the scanner, and some other less-important functions, but it no longer allows me to select the Firewire port (the one I need for a Mac). That is, when I switch to Firewire, the unit won't even turn on. I don't think this involves Minolta-specific parts. I've opened the unit, and this part is not in the optical area. I've had the unit since about 2003, and it has worked perfectly until now.

    Service for this product dried up when Sony bought Minolta, and Precision Camera in the US no longer supports it. It's a pro-level film scanner I would love to keep, and it has no comparable equivalent in the market unless I want to spend ten grand, which I don't.
    I have some amplifier kit-building experience, but not enough to replace a dip switch attached to a circuit board and do other circuit checks.

    Any suggestions as to where I could get this checked out and repaired (in the US)?
    Has anyone else run into this issue - and gotten it fixed?


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    Re: Repairing Minolta Dimage Scan Multi Pro

    If you go to and enter your scanner details into the 'get repair quote' section,it throws up a quote of $300 dollars for your scanner.

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    Re: Repairing Minolta Dimage Scan Multi Pro

    Dear folks,

    Precision Camera no longer repairs this model of scanner, even though it is still listed on their website.

    FWIW, my scanner has just developed the same problem as goellphoto's. Starts up fine with the DIP switch in the SCSI position, won't start at all when it is in the Firewire position.

    I'm not at all sure it's a DIP switch problem. I think it's some sort of hang on initializing the FW I/O, which would be buried further in the electronics.

    Anyone have any experience trying this scanner with a FW<->SCSI adapter?

    pax / Ctein

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