View Full Version : love the elinchrom quadra!

17th October 2010, 12:48
Ok - My first real shoot with my elinchrom quadra, one light with rotalux 100 x 100cm softbox.

Good friends, and their kids.. we were all 'off'.. the kids were cranky, my friends were 'late weekend burnt out' (from the kids) and I have the flu.
So we all brought our B game to the shoot.

Somehow it came together.. Casual relaxed shoot. We did a couple of cheesy happy group shots, but for me, the other shots are far better.

shot mostly with P1 body with P45 back, 45mm and 80mm lenses. Many later shots with 5d Mk II 50mm lens.


17th October 2010, 13:08
Beautiful light in these photos. Keep up the great work!

Guy Mancuso
17th October 2010, 16:37
Looks good

Jack and I are in Yosemite scouting for our workshop this week and in between shots as we where waiting for clouds to open up for our main shot, we drove up the road to shoot this burned out shrubbery that we had discovered yesterday . I had this idea in my head to light it up with a Quadra so working as a team within about 2 minutes Jack and I pulled this shot off . Than jumped back in the car to go grab our original shot as the clouds opened up. But shot with one Quadra head at F10 Iso 50 with my 55mm LS lens.


17th October 2010, 17:59
I'm glad to hear you like it. We shoot with it very often outdoors and love it. We also have the Ranger RX AS.

You may want to look into the 39" deep octa as well. Very versatile and fun unit to work with. Many of our bride and groom shots use it:



17th October 2010, 18:00
Looks good


F10? Were you using ND filter?

18th October 2010, 03:34

Nice shots! Yes, I hear that everyone loves the deep octa.
I've been shooting with a Mola Demi and a Setti, so that box would (I think) be somewhat redundant. The Setti is really too big to leave the studio though.

I've aslo been thinking of trying to create a more focused light by buying the elinchrom deflector set and using it with my 100cm square box with both diffuser cloths removed.
Ideally, I would just travel with the quadra and one softbox and that way I could cover all my bases.



18th October 2010, 04:21
I would second Deep Octa.. i got mine and after first trial and error now each time feel like such a ninja :) Its one hell of the light modifier.. way more compact and carefree than any dish (longer to setup though)

And if you want focused - you can remove diffuser panels from it ;))

You can buy gridded 60x60 (or smaller) collapsible softbox from Visco lot (they are on ebay, sold from houston afaik). Easy setup, easy to carry.

18th October 2010, 04:35
I have both the Demi & the Seti. I would take the Demi out of the studio but indeed the Seti is a different story. The deep Octa is a lot easier in the field, I end up never taking the Demi but always take the deep Octa.

Anyone looking into the deep Octa 70 or the new deep Octa 150 indirect? (especially the last one has my interest).

18th October 2010, 06:29
Anyone looking into the deep Octa 70 or the new deep Octa 150 indirect? (especially the last one has my interest).

I tried to sport new small one, that was announced a wee back, but it seems impossible to locate.. So my hopes with Derek to tell when he is getting one in stock ;)

24th January 2011, 23:12
My setti is for sale. Sure I will regret it, but there it is. Too many purchases inluding Eli Lightbank and Deep Octa 70cm! See for sale: