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Brian Mosley
15th November 2008, 04:53
Hello everyone,

our review diary for the Panasonic G1 is proving to be a hugely valuable resource - and as soon as we have the 4/3rds adapter the report will be published to our members and subscribers (4/3rds adapter due Friday 21st Nov - report to follow w/c Mon 24th Nov)
Our first team review of the Panasonic G1 (http://forum.getdpi.com/forum/showthread.php?t=3849)

Now, for the really exciting news - Olympus will be supplying the Safari Group with a pre-release E-30 next week, and we will be making it available all week for hands on testing at our groundbreaking exhibition in Nottingham... every Safari Group member who purchases an Exhibition Event ticket, and contributes a report to our review diary will be rated for the value of their diary entry, and the highest rated reporter will WIN a FREE E-30 Kit supplied by Olympus UK.

This is a phenomenal gesture by Olympus, to recognise Safari Group members for their contribution to our World Wide Olympus community... it feels like we're building some stong and exciting momentum here!

So, over the next few days and weeks we will be conducting an Olympus Safari Group team review of this camera - gathering honest impressions and opinions from unpaid reviewers - people you can trust who will tell you what you want to know!

We're doing this as a peer directed camera review on our coordination website. If you would like an 'inside view' and to be involved in this powerful new approach to reviewing Olympus / related equipment, then please accept my personal invitation to join the group here :
Personal Invite (http://www.alert-central.co.uk/personalinvite.php?by=Brian%20Mosley)

...and for those of you who are already Olympus Safari Group Members, the review coordination page for this review is here :
Olympus E-30 Team Review Diary (http://www.ukphotosafari.org/olympus-e30/)

If you are not interested in guiding the review, but just want to see our report when it's complete - you can register as a report subscriber here :
Register for Safari Group Special Reports (http://www.ukphotosafari.org/ukpsg-reports/)

Kind Regards