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6th January 2009, 08:10
Just a warning to take care with the Novoflex adapters - mine is now jammed solid on my G1 and I can't work out why. I have a Leica LTM adapter mounted to it which I can't find a way of removing, and the Novoflex adapter won't release from the G1 body using the lens release button. Its also not fixed in place properly - rocks backwards and forwards on the G1 mount. Can't work out what's wrong but at the moment I have a G1 permanently converted to screwmount.

I think my starting point for fixing it (short of handing the whole lot over to Novoflex and telling them to) is to try to remove the LTM adapter - is there a tool available to remove one from the front?

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6th January 2009, 08:18
I can't see how the adapter can jam unless the pin is stuck in the locking hole. When you push down on the lens release it should lower the locking pin allowing you to turn the adapter. I note that it is not a solid mechanical connection since the pin can be manually pushed down without the button also going down (the pin appears to be spring loaded). Some wiggling of the adapter should release the pin unless the hole is very tight. It appears to me that a watchmakers strap changing tool could be used to reach through the adapter opening to lower the pin with some carefully applied pressure.

6th January 2009, 09:50
Thanks - It looks like its the locking pin. I'm going to chat with Novoflex support in the morning before I take any further action - the locking pin has a screw head which may facilitate its removal...

Ranger 9
6th January 2009, 11:19
If your LTM adapter is the actual Leica brand, it should have three shallow arcs in it. The old-style plastic Leica rear cap has lugs molded into it that match these arcs, allowing you to use the cap as a wrench to remove the adapter. So, time to start digging around in boxes to see if you have an old Leica rear cap!

6th January 2009, 11:47
Thanks all, I've resolved this now. Just needed to apply a little torque to the LTM adapter which I did using some old LTM extension tubes.

Looking more closely it was an error by me - I mounted the LTM adapter using the wrong red dot on the Novoflex adapter. This meant that the locking pin was sitting slightly proud and the whole adapter was about 90 degrees out of alignment. Was a happy accident getting the adapter off - I decided to play with the tubes and my Heliar 75mm, twisted the lens on, felt some give in the adapter, and I think it slightly rounded off the locking pin on the G1 mount side, allowing it to click into place. That enabled me to remove the adapter from the body and in turn get the LTM adapter off the Novoflex.

Moral of the story: make sure you use the right dots for alignment and check the LTM adapter is securely in place BEFORE you mount the adapter and lens to the G1.

Do the other adapters have the locking pin arrangement? I'm finding it rather fiddly, particularly when trying to remove M-mount lenses from the adapter. I guess it will free up with use but the lenses are a very snug fit for the adapter and its tricky to pull back the locking pin and simultaneously rotate the lens...

6th January 2009, 17:35
I think that is why some have filed away the locking pin on the Novoflex adapter. There is a thread here on how to do it.