View Full Version : suggestions for the Dolomites in July?

12th April 2009, 06:41
I'm planning on a week or so in the Dolomite mountains (northern Italy, near the Austrian/Swiss border) at the beginning of July. I'm reading various things to figure out where to stay and where to go for the best day hiking, but would like suggestions from photogs here who are familiar with the region about what particular places are best for photographing the most dramatic mountains & valleys. I carry my camera with me on day hikes, so I'm particularly interested in day hikes with great photographic opportunities; roadside areas with great photo opportunities are also welcome.

Tentatively (based on what I've read so far) I'm thinking about staying about half the time in Cortina d'Ampezzo and about half the time in Selva/Wolkenstein, but will have a car to drive to other areas. Does that make sense, or are there any better places to stay that are closer to other good areas? I've already found a couple of tourism web sites for the area (www.dolomiti.org, www.dolomiti.it, www.suedtirol.info).

I will probably fly into Munich/Munchen (because I can get nonstop flights there), rent a car, and drive to the Dolomites. I'm happy to hear about anything interesting I should do along the way.

Any other general travel suggestions for the region are also welcome. I've been both to the Swiss Alps and to other regions of Italy several times before, so I expect the area will not feel particularly strange or unfamiliar to me.


12th April 2009, 18:39
Take me with you.

13th April 2009, 06:57
Hey, Bob, you're welcome to join us - I can send you our itinerary when I finalize it. There's just the little matter of having to pay your own way...:(