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23rd February 2008, 04:47
I remembered I had some old Casio QV-10A 320x240 (although these files appear to be 649x480 for some reason?) images from 1996.

1/5 inch CCD sensor F2.8/f=5.2mm (equivalent to 60mm lens on 35mm camera) 250,000 pixel 1/8 to 1/4000 second

I remember being absolutely amazed that I could take a picture and see it right away. The cameras had a swivel screen which was also a revelation. It was huge fun at parties with everyone wanting to see the pictures as they were taken.
Interesting how far the technology has moved on in twelve years.

Anyone else able to beat 1996 for early images?



Macro shot of a decorative light bulb


Cindy Flood
23rd February 2008, 05:47
I could beat you, if I could get the photos off of zip disks.:ROTFL: I had an early kodak 1+ megapixel camera. The photos were pretty bad. My next digital was a Nikon 3.4 MP camera. It took amazingly good pictures for the time. There were less MP jammed on the small real estate of those sensors.

23rd February 2008, 06:24
I traveled Europe in 1997 with a Canon Powershot 350 - the 2nd Powershot camera produced by Canon (a few months after the Powershot 600). My plan was to update a running travelogue with pictures (this before blogs existed) each day, and for the most part was able to do that despite modem & connectivity issues along the way. The original site with pictures from that camera (most reduced to half-size 320x240 on account of the seriously limited storage space in the notebook I carried with me) is still online, here:


How my then girlfriend (and present wife) was willing to put up with my tinkering with these photos and pages every other night during the trip continues to amaze me, and I'd certainly never do anything like it again.

scott kirkpatrick
23rd February 2008, 22:15
I'll have to dig, but I was involved in multiple projects in the mid to late 90's involving really cheap video chips of the 320x240 persuasion, which we supported with gps information, and incorporated into computer and laptop monitor bezels as early webcams. I shot all the planes in a flying club for their website, but those pictures (and some of the planes) have been significantly upgraded since. Cameras were by Casio and Ricoh in those days. There were already some who carried a little pocket camera at all times to document their day. The path to today's cellphone camera was already obvious. The base cost of a fixed-focus lens, housing, and imager chip was already just a few $$ in 1996, and we could see that Moore's Law would quickly bring us to 640x480 and unassailable quality!