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Thread: Positive Feedback for Dan Lindburg

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    Positive Feedback for Dan Lindburg

    Dan, I cant thank enough for what you did for me.
    When I noticed Dan's post I was not sure if I wanted a scanner. Almost a month and a half later I sent him a PM asking if it was still available..
    ....and it is a long story. Dan decided to ship it to me to try,buy and pay. He also advised it it wasnt operational then return it to him.
    Luckily I had a Macbook Pro(2008) which I kept it as probably not worth selling. The result is the scanner is working perfectly with this old Macbook. Vuescan is the software I use but also looking for the original Minolta (dmg) software to try.
    Please let me know if anybody has it.
    Once again thanks to Dan.
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    Re: Positive Feedback for Dan Lindburg

    Thank you for the positive feedback! That's the beauty of this particular forum, trusted members can do this without hesitation. Enjoy the scanner
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