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Thread: Canon 7D Red Eye

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    Canon 7D Red Eye

    Hey, my Canon 7D gives everyone an evil eye!

    I haven't see such persistent red eye since forever.

    My old Nikon D80 almost never produced red eye.

    Canon 7D does that all the time.

    Now, granted, I have Not engaged red eye reduction modes; however again, Nikon D80 never needed that, AFAIK.


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    Canon 7D Red Eye

    Basically red pixels showing that its red eyes, try to check the camera setting and also increase the exposure.I better think its about that Camera RAW doesn't support the new 7D yet.You have to wait a short to next time it updated.I now read a little,and its in release candidate now, and coming soon.

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    Re: Canon 7D Red Eye

    The flip up flash must be in just the wrong spot. Have you tried a speedlight or maybe a higher iso so you don't have to use that flash at all?
    I am looking to purchase a 7d, do you like it other than this problem? What level of photographer are you? What lenses do you use with it? Sorry for all of the questions, just curious!

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    Re: Canon 7D Red Eye

    Just got a 7D while I wait for my Epic cameras from RED, and I must say that I did not have any red eye issues, but I do keep the red eye reduction mode on, as I know many little camera flashes have this issue, I mostly use the flash in conjunction with a 580EX II.

    As far as the 7D goes, first i like to point out that this is my first Ever Digital Still camera in a NON 1D body, but the fill of the camera body is solid, and the texturization done to it is a pleasure to handle, I have mine set up with a permanently mounted on Grip, and it fills as close to a 1D body as you can imagine, the grip of the grip :~), is not as ergonomic as I would have liked to be, but this is the case with every grip handle, at only exception of the great Sony a850/a900 grip, which is just a fantastic grip and wish all other manufacturers followed Sony's example on it.

    All in all this little beauty will make many very happy as I see it is a great camera, can't make any comparison to others, as again I never had any other camera in its category, but fills and handles great.

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