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Thread: The Oh-So-Lovely 85L II

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    The Oh-So-Lovely 85L II

    I'm not sure really why I bought it. I hardly ever take photos of people, and I hardly ever use telephoto lenses.

    And it can be a b!tch to use - it's so slow to focus, and with that razor-thin depth of field, you better bring your A game. I decided to practice on an 11-month old baby, which was probably not the best idea I ever had. Trying to get that bobbing and weaving little head in focus was baptism by fire, let me tell you. At f2.0, I got 10 shots that I can live with out of 209. Ouch.

    But when it's on, it's ON!

    The rest of the set is here:

    Now I remember why I bought it. It's just that there aren't really words to describe it.

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    Re: The Oh-So-Lovely 85L II

    My favorite lens of all time, best used at f:/4 when there is a little subject to background separation (my opinion only). Filling the frame with a head & shoulder shot at that distance allows the nose, eyes and ears to be in focus with everything else melting away.
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    Re: The Oh-So-Lovely 85L II

    Heck I love that lens at F1.2. Its one of the only lenses that I mention in the same sentence as a Noctilux. I love to get back from the subject a bit and let the subject "hang" in the "ether". Wish I had the change to buy one for my club shooting.

    Here is a random shot at F1.2 with the 85/1.2 II.

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