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Thread: Canon 5D II with Brightscreen -- Feedback?

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    Canon 5D II with Brightscreen -- Feedback?

    I'm ready to preorder a Canon 5D Mark II. I'm tempted to order it from Brightscreen and have Brightscreen install their screen with rule of thirds crop lines in it from the get go. I'd also probably pay a bit extra to have Brightscreen verify that manual focus is accurate (i.e., no focus screen shimming issues). . . . Any reason not to pull the trigger on the Brightscreen screen replacement? In my Canon 5D Mark I, I have the Canon matte extra precision focusing screen, and had Bill Maxwell modify it so that it's brighter. From what I understand, this should be almost identical to what Brightscreen does -- for their Brightscreen vs. Proscreen products, they modify manufacturer screens to make them brighter and still allow precision matt focusing. I prefer Brightscreen, I think, because (i) they'll do grid lines, whereas Bill Maxwell doesn't do that, and (ii) they'll check the screen to make sure manual focusing is accurate, to remove another potential source of error (i.e. needing to shim the screen). . . . I'm a little concerned about potential metering issues, but didn't have any with the Maxwell product, so I don't see why I'd have them with Brightscreen. . . Also, does anyone dislike the Brightscreen tape for collecting dust so that it doesn't land on the sensor? I haven't had too many difficulties with dust, so I'm inclined to have them NOT put the tape in my camera. I'd rather eliminate another potential source of problems. Thanks for feedback/insights/suggestions.

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    Re: Canon 5D II with Brightscreen -- Feedback?

    I am currently using a modified EC L focus screen for my Canon 5D. It seems to work well for me, since I frequently use Manual focus lens.


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