I fear that the Canon 1DX makes Lens characteristics more prominent!

(**Disclaimer: I should note I had original thought there was issue with my camera, however, I am beginning to draw other conclusions after more testing, nothing is conclusive yet!**)

By this I have owned two 5D Mark II bodies and one 5D Mark III, which I have shot with the 50mm f/1.2L for about 90% of the time. I fear the renowned front/rear focusing issues, characterized by changing of distance, say about two feet away from subject, and over 5 feet distance, you will see the focus shifts.
Again, the characteristics are also represented by stopping down in aperture.

The prominence which I have rejected from the beginning of ownership of the lens used with my 5D bodies, and have always felt the rendering and sharpness to be beautiful and loving the balance of sharpness delivered! I had thought myself lucky and never worried! I have always shot with the lens within f/1.2 to f/2, and some occasions to go up to f/4.

However, this is not the case with the Canon 1DX. The rumors are showing itself to be true with the lens mounted on the 1DX. I fear its sensor is now showing more prominent in the lens focus shifts, which I do not entirely understand but accept the observations. I have made countless images shooting against the LensAlign Mark II and taking photos of my son at f/1.2, focusing on his eye! The results have been very frustrating for me!

Shooting at the lens chart is not the same as shooting in real world 3D objects. I am having to dial different settings in the AF micro adjustments to get the sharp images I feel I had gotten out of my 5D bodies, without any adjustment.

I have also shot images on the 85 f/1.2, although some very slight adjustment may be needed, it is consistent in its perfomance and I am very happy with the lens still. I wonder if other owners of the 1DX have found similar characteristics with this combination?

Is it time for Canon to do a Leica and release a newer version of this great (not so much on 1DX) 50mm lens? Ultimately I hope this is erroneous on my behalf and it is something that can be fixed, but why can it perform better on the 5D bodies!