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Thread: Cleaning DSLR camera + possible damage? (Canon Rebel T2i)?

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    Cleaning DSLR camera + possible damage? (Canon Rebel T2i)?

    I have a Canon Rebel T2i which might have been damaged...

    I was taking pictures out in the light rain and got some water droplets on my lens. I didn't have anything to wipe it down with and not wanting to scratch the lens I just put the lens cap back on it and put it back in my bag...this was a week ago... So, could there be moisture inside the lens and if so can it cause permanent damage? How much would it cost to fix?

    Also, I stupidly trusted someone who has a DSLR camera themselves and let them clean my camera... The person used a air brush/ regular brush to clean the mirror inside which now looks like there's makeup all over the lens (from the view finder). If the mirror is slightly scratched, who'd it be noticeable in pictures I take or not? How much would it cost to get the mirror replaced, e.g? I have no insurance on the camera. I'm a beginner in handling DSLR cameras...
    please help me!

    thank you

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    Exclamation Re: Cleaning DSLR camera + possible damage? (Canon Rebel T2i)?

    Well...based on what you's too hard to tell.

    You stated....some water droplets....just that alone is not enough to say yes or no. Now...if the lens was "wet" when you placed it into the could get some issues due to the moisture...but only time will tell.

    The sensor....air brush/regular brush....well...I use a air brush all the is the first level of cleaning...normally will get 90% of "stuff" off the sensor.
    The regular brush needs some more description to tell....I do have a very fine bristle brush (made for lenses) that occasionally I may use to see if I can get off chunks...but normally I use a wet solution fiber brush for that.

    It sounds like your "friend" had either oily residue on the "brush"...or some other material it was used for...and smeared your sensor. It will now need a wet solution to resolve it.

    I use sensor swabs and their eclipse solution for over 6 years...great stuff and easy to do yourself...just watch their demo videos online

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