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Thread: Nikon D3S or Canon 1D MKIV

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    Nikon D3S or Canon 1D MKIV

    Both are good for low light. The Max I need is 6400. My Main Concern is of course Image Quality and Fast AF and easy use of menu and camera set up. Thanks I shoot mainly weddings, Portraits and some landscape

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    Re: Nikon D3S or Canon 1D MKIV

    I shot the D3s, D4s and the Canon 1Dx and I personally felt that the autofocus tracking was superior to both the Nikon cameras. I shot primarily sports with them so the focus tracking is the main reason why I switched systems, but I loved using both. In my opinion, the color rendering right out of the camera was slightly warmer from the Nikon, but this can be easily corrected in post.

    The D4s had better lowlight image capabilities than the Canon, so you have to decide which is more important to you. The other important element is which lenses you choose as the G series leases for Nikon are excellent as are the L series glass for Canon.

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