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Thread: Third party batteries for 1DsMkIII

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    Third party batteries for 1DsMkIII

    Does anyone know of any quality 3rd party batteries for the 1DsMkIII.
    SterlingTek has spoiled me with their high quality batteries for the 5D.

    I'm trying to work up a full cost of ownership of one including things like spare batteries, RRS L bracket, 16 gig Extreme III cards.

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    Re: Third party batteries for 1DsMkIII

    By comparison to the cost of the camera they're virtually free of charge.

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    Re: Third party batteries for 1DsMkIII

    I shoot some sports and have done a lot of frames on the cameras. At a football game I will easily do 1600 shots on one battery . I have done 3 games on one battery without a recharge. So get one extra battery and make it a canon why screw around on a body that costs so much .

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