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Thread: Reflex angle viewer for Live View?

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    Reflex angle viewer for Live View?

    One of the accessories I used most often for my Canon 5D was the angle viewer. I think it is a holdover from using my Hasselblad. I feel more comfortable looking down while composing a shot, and the angle viewer provideded some magnification, which maded focusing manual lenses easier.

    Now that I have a 5D2, I find I really get more accurate focusing with Live View. To block out extraneous light and see the screen better, I use a 2" black slide loupe.

    Years ago when I was shooting large format, I used a reflex viewer to compose and check focus on my Linhof. It was like a giant slide loupe, but with a 45 degree mirror inside, which enabled me to look down into the viewer to see that magnificent 4x5 screen. In effect, it became an angle viewer.

    I am wondering if anyone makes a similar device for Live View. It would look something like the Hoodman viewer, but would have an internal mirror so it would be like an angle viewer.

    If anyone knows of such a device, or of someone who could build something like this for me, please let me know. It would be nice to go back to the old days of having a large, bright image of the picture than I am taking, just as I did with my Hasselblad and the chimney eyepiece.

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    Re: Reflex angle viewer for Live View?

    I would like to see hoodman do a right angle version also. It would be useful for video as well.

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