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Thread: Canon 400D underexposure test.

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    Canon 400D underexposure test.

    Having heard/read so much about the 400D subexposure problems, I decided to do a little test. Borrowed one from my friend(who was allways moaning about the constant subexposure) and did a shootout with my 20 & 30Ds.

    The method followed was pretty simple: Shoot indoor, controlled lightning, shot a grey card with 3 lenses: Efs 17-85, Ef 80 1.8 and 70-200 F4 Is. Tripod mounted I first found the "correct exposure" with the 30D and then repeated the shot with the 20D and 400D with the same lens, dialing in the same aperture and speed than with the 30D.

    In short, exposures for the 20 & 30D are identicall. The 400D consistently underexposed by 2/3 to 1 whole stop!! The lens with wich it underexposed the most was the 17-85 (nearly a full stop) judging the histograms.

    I have been considering a 400D as a small "carry everywhere" body with a prime or two. I have read somewhere that the underexposure problem only afected some cameras. I would like to know other peoples findings and if this is an issue with the model or just SOME cameras.

    Any input will be most appreciated.

    Kind regards, Erik.

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    Re: Canon 400D underexposure test.

    I have had a 400D for over a year. I shoot A mode or M mode if I have tough lighting situations. Just take a shot, look at the histogram, and adjust exposure. I don't let the camera do the thinking for me, so I don't see this as a reason not to buy this handy camera. BTW, I've had 10D, 20D, 1d2, 5D, XT and I find the XTi a nice camera to have in my bag. I am using it with 17- 55 IS and 70-200 IS + extenders. I can just about shoot everything with this kit except macro and very distant wildlife, and I get very nice results.
    It does have limitations, but look at the price compared to 30D and 40D. I used to have a CZ 35-70 MF zoom on it and it was hard to focus in dim lighting. It has more noise at high iso than 5D and if I had a nit, it would be that it blows out the highlights much easier than my M8, but there you are comparing a $700 body to a $5000 body.
    BTW, there are lots of used 400D's coming up on right now. You can pick one up for about $450. If it doesn't do what you want it to do, you won't lose much if you sell it.

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