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Thread: 3 or 4 day photo trip starting from Houston USA

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    3 or 4 day photo trip starting from Houston USA


    I will be in Houston from the 17th to the 23rd October and want to stop over for 3 or 4 days to get in some photography. I am initially thinking Cuba but wondered if any of our American friends or anybody really have any other ideas..............I enjoy street and Landscape photography.
    I just looked online and cant find flights out of Houston to Cuba I guess due to the embargo...........
    Anyway I also looked at Yosemite national park but that's a 4 hour flight plus a 4 hour drive and accommodation in the park is frigging expensive, so really needing some local knowledge on what and how to shoot that park (for those that know me I like to drive shoot drive shoot again).

    3 years ago I went to New Orleans after a similar trip and had a fantastic time there but I have done that now so want to try somewhere else.

    Another idea seeing as I don't mind driving is to rent a car in Houston and drive shot drive shoot and drive some more maybe someone can recommend a 4 day round trip with photography in mind

    As always any tips or advice will be much appreciated

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    Re: 3 or 4 day photo trip starting from Houston USA

    Gulf coast, Big Bend, slot canyons in page AZ, too many to mention really.
    Ed Cooley

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