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Thread: X10 macro with Elpro close-up lenses

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    Allan Ostling

    X10 macro with Elpro close-up lenses

    In macro mode, with the lens zoomed out to give a good working distance from the subject, the X10 achieves a magnification of approximately 1:16. Multiplied by the 4X crop factor of the 2/3" sensor, this is equivalent to a full-frame magnification of 1:4. The photo below, some Japanese stamps in a clear plastic sleeve with black backing, was taken at the closest distance the X10 can focus in macro mode at 112mm focal length.

    To get more magnification, attach a close-up lens, the achromatic type with two glass elements. These are significantly more expensive than one-element close-up lenses, but they do not degrade the image quality, or induce distortion. lists currently-available achromats.

    Of these, I have used Nikon, Canon, Minolta, and Leica – they are all excellent. In particular I recommend the Leica Elpro, and for the X10 you should use the Elpro VIa or VIb, since these have smaller mounts than the Elpro 1 or Elpro 2 which are optically identical. The VIa and VIb have Series 6 threads, an obsolete filter size. Over the last few years I have acquired a dozen of these Elpros on eBay. The "buy it now" sellers want more, but with patience you can usually get them for about $20 on an auction.

    Here is an Elpro VIa mounted to the X10 via a 40.5mm-Series 6 step-up ring. This particular ring screws in for a full turn before becoming too tight.

    Here is the subject, photographed with the Elpro VIa:

    To get even closer, use the Elpro VIb, which gives a equivalent magnification
    of (1:1.5). With this, you can do insects.

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    Re: X10 macro with Elpro close-up lenses

    Excellent, Allan. Great idea.

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    Re: X10 macro with Elpro close-up lenses

    Cool. I actually have a Nikon 3T and 4T and Canon 250D in the 52mm filter size that work with the X10 hood/adapter.

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