Today I got the Fuji X - Leica M adapter and I must try my AGFA Solagon 50mm f/2
It is a lens out of a Karat 36 which were completely damaged but I saved the lens cells, mount'em in a diaphrame barrel and turn an adapter to screw in in a Leica focus tupe. Now I can use this nice lens in a focus rane between infinity - 1:2
The Solagon is known as a lens which is sensitive for internal reflections, a lens hood is absolutly a must have. Wide open the Solagon is a soft lens, perfect for dreaming landcapes or portraits, closed down it is a very sharp lens with an excellent color transmission. AGFA used the lanthanium and other rare earth glasses which were developed by the Schott company in the late 1940th, it allows to design much better lenses. This glasses are found in the most lenses made i the 1950-1970th.
The Solagon is a symetrical six element lens in four groups, right now like the Zeiss Biotar, Dallmeyer Super Six or the first fast version of it the Taylor&Hobson Speed Panchro, designed by Mr. Lee in the early 1920th.
An old friend told me that AGFA also made for Kodak the lens elements for the Ektar 47mm f/2 which is found in the Kodak Retina II. Kodak ordered the elements in Germany because it costs only 1/6 of the money to made it in the USA. I don't have one in the moment but it will be very interessting to see how it is vs. the Solagon.
I plan to give a Voigtlander Ultron, a Schneider Xenon, Rodenstock Heligon, an Enna Lordon and some others of the 50th gems a new live in a Leica OTZFO helix.
Keep in touch, I guess it will be interessting.
All samples here are untouched, right out of the camera, not sharpened, I guess there is a large reserve in quality.