I am contemplating replacing my wife's Ricoh GR2 with a Fuji 100s that I can use for covering low light events.

I am happy with my Panasonic GH2 but would love a camera I could put in my jacket pocket when I go 'off duty'.

Is there a setting that my wife could use that is idiot proof when she takes the camera out to photograph references for her water colour painting?

RTFM is alien culture to her - and why not, she does not need it for her tubes of paint - or her easel?

But it would be a real bore for me to come home and find seven lovely RAWs all shot on some obtruse Manual setting as she did not realise she 'had moved the knob'.

Lots of cameras have a coloured position on a dial that shoves the camera back to a sort of out of box default. Any luck with the X100s?