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Thread: IR Lens tests

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    IR Lens tests

    I recently took advantage of the steep discount on the X-E2 at Adorama with the purpose of converting it to an IR camera. I used LifePixel for those that are interested and found them very helpful. The camera arrived yesterday; originally, I was going to be taking it to the Pacific Northwest this coming week, but that trip got postponed (oh well).

    So, I decided to do something I usually do not do and test a variety of lenses today with it. Here are my results so far for those that are interested (YMMV). Some of these are consistent with what I have seen out on the web.

    14 looks good
    35 f1.4 hot spot at f16, okay before that.
    35 f2 looks good through out
    56 hot spots
    60 hot spots
    10-24 hot spots
    55-200 mostly good. One minor hotspot at 100mm and f16
    18-135 looks good throughout. Consistent with what some others have said.

    I then started to try out various nikkors I have. Interestingly, I found that those adapted with a speedbooster ultra from Metabones displayed hotspots almost consistently while some of the same lenses adapted with a normal adapter did not show hotspots. More work to be done here.

    I was somewhat bummed about the result of the 60 as I was looking forward to playing macro with IR with that lens. But, I can at least use the extension rings with the 18-135. Or use one of my nikkor macros.


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    Re: IR Lens tests

    Doug......I converted my X-Pro1 to a 720nm at LDP ( in 2013. I still use it....but with a small selection of native lenses.....all without hot spots. They are the XF 14, 23 and 35/1.4.

    Here are a few archived images.

    Adapted lenses that have proven successful are all of my Contax G's (28, 45 and 90) and the Contax (c/y) 28/2.8 and 45/2.8 Tessar. Is it the T* coatings?

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