After a lengthy hiatus, I finally have my platinum workflow up and running, the first prints coming off of the line over the last couple weeks.

I re-calibrated my digital negative workflow in the process, and am ecstatic with the output I'm getting now.

Probably the best negative I've produced, Sunflowers I is a perfect example of why platinum is so sought after. The jpg renditions can only approximate the tonality and depth of the image.

The print is 7x8" platinum/palladium combination, printed on one of the finest Platinum printing papers available today Bergger COT320. It will be mounted and matted with archival cotton rag mat, 14x17"

The price, only $300 plus your choice of shipping methods. I offer a 2 week money back guarantee if you're not happy with the print. Contrast and tone of the print will be close to what you see in the attached image.. but being a hand coated process, each print will be unique