That's it. I'm keeping the 5D Mk2 for good and letting the trusted Pentax 67 go.

The AE Pentaprism was checked & calibrated by in May 08 so metering is very accurate

It comes with 3 lenses: 45mm f/4, 135mm f/4, 300mm f/4

The 45mm is 24mm wide-angle equivalent; the front glass has cosmetic blemishes but they do not affect image quality, which is superb

The 135mm Macro is ugly outside, but no blemishes on glass and superb resolution

The 300mm is big & heavy and I have never used it much, but it's also very sharp like every 67 Pentax lens

Also included are:
2x Pentax pouches, one fits the 300mm, the other fits the 45 or 135 (tight)
1x 82mm no-brand Polarizing filter, all Caps, strap, User manual, original Pentax 67 16-page brochure
1x Fujichrome Velvia color transparency film (refrigerated), to get you started if you've never shot film

The bottom line: this camera yields professional results; I mean by that you can get huge scans, with subtle tonalities and great presence & 3-dimensionality; 30"x40" prints look fantastic and I've printed many a pix to 50"x60". BUT, there are some caveats: you'll need a VERY stable tripod and use mirror lockup. Except for the more recent AE prism, this is basically 1960's technology. It is annoyingly difficult to thread the film (although you'll get better at it with experience). Forget about doing it with gloves. Then you have to change the film every 21 shots, not exactly the right tool for doing HDR.

$950 firm, shipped and paypaled.