I'm probing interest in a mint, complete Hasselblad 203FE system consisting of:

203FE body, wlf and caps (as yet unmodified for digital).

Zeiss 50/2.8FE & shade

Zeiss 110/2FE & shade

Zeiss 150/2.8FE (uses 110 shade)

Zeiss 250/4FE & shade

Zeiss 350/4FE (shade) with Hasselblad QR for tripod.

PM45 prism finder with Hasselblad flip magnifier.

D40 bare-bulb flash & Hasselblad (Metz) potato masher flash.

Hasselblad 1.4X P/C Mutar (easier to use on a 200 camera than a 500 camera).

3 e-film backs with matching film inserts.

Combined price slashed to $9,950. + shipping.

Most all of it in a Think Tank Airport roller bag for an additional $150. (bag not for sale separately).

Not interested in busting all this up yet ... just looking for that rare buyer ready top bust a move to MF by getting the best there ever was (IMHO) A camera that now can be outfitted to use the amazing Hasselblad CVF/39 meg digital back.

Reason for possible sell: can't support the V and H systems separately anymore . Sticking with the H system for my commercial photography and studio work.

Your thoughts or leads are welcome.

Thanks for looking,


P.S., will consider Leica M stuff as partial trade: Wate, 75/2 ASPH, 90AA, 135/3.4APO, Mint M7 w/ MP finder.