3 x EF lenses

There is way too much stuff on my shelf. Among other things I have three EF lenses having to go.

1) Canon EF 35/2 - very much like new - EUR 160

2) Canon EF 50/1.4 - very much like new - EUR 240

3) Canon EF 85/1.8 - very much like new - EUR 250

All these lenses work as expected. They focuses fine on my 5DMkII just as they did on my 5D. The lens elements are just fine; there are no scratches or any other problems. These lenses haven't seen a lot of use. I fell in love with alt lenses and so the native Canon stuff has spent most of the time on said crowded shelf.

Shipping is EUR 22 (insured and signed for). The prices above are for BIC/IBAN money transfer buyers. PayPal is OK as well but as I don't like the idea of giving them money so you have to add 3% to the total.

Images of the lenses are available in this little gallery

If interested please reply here and also send me a PM. If you find the prices to be outrageous PM me and let me know why.

Thank you,