This listing is for two Contax Zeiss 17-35 N lenses that have both been converted for use on the Canon EOS system by Conurus in Canada! Also for sale is one GB103 hood (with lens purchase).

Excellent working condition with only a few small "bright" marks near where the hood attaches. These marks are viewable when inspecting the lens for marks but are otherwise not something I notice in day-to-day use. The glass is very clean but does have some small dust specks inside the elements. These zooms are prone to sucking in dust during the life of the lens. That said, it's minor and does NOT show up in the images. This lens has been used to photograph around 20 events since I purchased it in October 2008 from a private seller.

This lens was purchased from as "new-old-stock", converted and sold to me. I have put it on the camera and shot a few images with it around the house to keep the gears moving & lubed. Otherwise, I generally keep it in my "at home" camera case. Despite it's low use I am able to spot a few specks in the lens ...less than the other lens but they are there.

GB103 Hood. I only have one and it is only for sale with lens purchase (first person to purchase one of the lenses gets first crack at it). Next to impossible to find the hood shows signs of use and has a few marks on it. Nothing severe but it's certainly not "like new" either. Good condition and works well.

The first two images are from the $2499 lens. The third is from the $2799 image (pardon my bad white balance!). Larger images available to interested parties. Please inquire for more details.

Offers are welcome. I will respond to offers once this listing has been up for a week or two if the lenses have not sold.

PayPal or Credit Card (phone or web) welcome with no additional fees. Shipping extra for actual cost via USPS, UPS or FedEx. If you have an account I'll ship it your way using that if you want. Thank you for your interest!