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Thread: Hasselblad and other gear FS

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    Hasselblad and other gear FS

    Due to unexpected circomstances i will be selling off a major part of my personal gear. All in perfect working condition and mostly as it came from the store iow as new.

    Hasselblad H3dII-31Mp set with 80mm 8575,00 euro as new
    Sinar Emotion22 Hasselblad-H mount 3995,00 euro as new
    Eyelike precision22 Multishot( and SS) 2995,00 euro as new
    Imacon 528c complete with bank+cables 4500,00 euro as new
    Imacon 384 complete with bank+cables 2275,00 euro as new
    Hasselblad HC 35mm with shade+caps 1850,00 euro as new demo
    Hasselblad HC 50mm with shade+caps 1700,00 euro as new demo
    Hasselblad HC 120mm with shade+caps 2095,00 euro as new demo
    Hasselblad HC120mm used with shade+caps 1775,00 euro
    Linhof 679cc with sliding back hasselblad-V 4495,00 euro as new
    Hasselblad ImagebankII 1200 euro as new
    Phase one H5 300,00 euro
    Imacon 3020 complete set 375,00 euro
    Horseman digiflexII as new 825,00 euro with free H5 or Imacon 3020
    Zeiss ZF25mm 2,8 435,00 euro new/mint
    Rollei lenscontrol-S new in box 700,00 euro new
    Apo Lanthar 180mm Nikon mount 499,00 euro A-
    Fuji GX680(1) , two bodies,four lenses, prism finder 875,00 euro
    Contax 645 powergrip 345,00 euro as new
    Gretag Macbeth Spectrolino/spectroscan new in box 1750,00 euro new
    Rollei 6001 with 80mm, WLF and 120 back 675,00 euro as new
    Located in Europe. `pick up preferred so you can see what you buy'

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    Re: Hasselblad and other gear FS

    I would like to buy the new Demo HC 120 macro

    I am located in Denmark - paypal is preferred

    Claus Stensgaard

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