I purchased this for a project but never used it. Still in original packaging, in original box, with instructions. Use this to get your flash off camera. Works great with Nikon cameras in TTL mode (and others), but also works with your Leica to get your flash off camera.

B&H new price is $79.95, plus shipping. I'm asking $72.00 paypalled and shipped in US. Add $4.50 if you want it sent USPS Priority Mail. Thanks.

From Nikon:

The Nikon SC-29 is an off-camera flash cord that provides full TTL control for Nikon Speedlites when used with Nikon SLR cameras which have the TTL hot flash shoe. 3' long when coiled, it expands to 9', and permits easy use of flash when the camera is mounted upon a bracket.

In addition, the SC-29's AF Illuminator will also provide AF assistance to the camera in low-light conditions. This cord fully supports all advanced flash functions when used with the SB-900, SB-800 and SB-600 with an applicable camera.

Some other improved features are: Posi-Lock (an improved locking switch) at both ends, and the cord on the camera shoe that now connects parallel to the camera.