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Thread: What's it worth: Leica R4 & 35Cron

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    What's it worth: Leica R4 & 35Cron

    Cleaning out the equipment closet and came across my old R4 which is cosmetically beautiful and seems to work fine (haven't run a role in a while). The lens is a 35 cron with the pullout shade. It has good glass but is really ugly.

    Anyone have a sense of what these might be worth. Think I can do a trade in on a M9?

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    Re: What's it worth: Leica R4 & 35Cron

    Not sure what its worth, but I know its far from being worth the same as a M9. Sorry. Check ebay or

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    Re: What's it worth: Leica R4 & 35Cron

    Here are some sites that you could check:

    Unless you really want to get rid of the gear, I would shoot with it once in a while, as you're not going to get a lot for it.

    Film gear seems to have fallen into some distinct categories:
    (1) The lenses can be used with digital bodies, such as Leica M, Nikon, Canon, etc.
    (2) Where they cannot, such as Mamiya 6 and 7.
    (3) With Leica R gear (and Hasselblad V to some extent), the lenses can be used on digital bodies, but the digital bodies/backs are very expensive.

    This seems to determine to some extent the prices on the user market.

    Best of luck!

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    Re: What's it worth: Leica R4 & 35Cron

    I just bought an R4; $195 Supposed to be in good shape, but no beauty (still in the mail). The lens is worth quite a bit more would be my guess.

    leif e
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