I'm rarely using my D700 and shoot much more film and actually prefer it most of the time. I've decided to offer up my D700 as a trade for a F6. The only time I used the D700 was for youth sports ( my kids ), and even then I wasn't a spray and pray type of shooter, hence the low shutter actuations.

D700 will come with all boxed items as bought new. I am not the original owner. The body is in near new condition. ~3000 actuations. Basically the camera sits in a bag when my kids are not doing sports. US model.

I'm interested in a similar condition F6--newer condition the better ( less cash you add to compensate for value ). US model a must. All boxed items, including strap and front cap as well as docs and software. Lately F6's have been selling around $1400-1500 for a mint copy. If your's is mint, I'd ask an additional $500-600 cash.

I'm not interested in selling the camera right now, but might if the right F6 shows up.

We can swap pics if you want. Prefer to deal CONUS and with someone who I know or has great positive feedback here.