I'm looking for a black 50 lux asph. At this time I'm only interested in trading for my 35 cron asph and latest version 50 cron. Some cash on my end if necessary. My 50 cron is in mint new condition with box, leather case and front and rear caps. The 35 cron asph has some rubs marks on the body, has only the leather case and both front and rear caps and rectangular hood. Both of my lenses have clean aperture blades, glass is clean, and both focus and aperture rings turn smoothly. Looking for a similar condition lens with no issue in regard to focusing. We can/should agree to return to each other if the lens(es) don't meet expectations.

My references are impeccable on FM.com and ebay. I've bought and sold often here and at nikonians.org as well.

LMK about your lens, and how much cash you might want in addition to the lenses!

I'd be interested in buying, but would have to wait until my fun money replenishes itself in about two weeks.