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Thread: FS: Canon IPF5100 Printer; Gitzo GT1521T, G1317 Center Column

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    FS: Canon IPF5100 Printer; Gitzo GT1521T, G1317 Center Column

    Hey guys!

    I'd preferably like to sell the printer locally, but I would be up to ship it if interested. Used two sets of ink, heads are still in top condition, always covered under a bed sheet that fits it surprisingly well. Not too sure how much to ask, I'd be interested in any (reasonable) offers!

    (oops, made a typo in the title) The GT1541T up for sale was used sparingly. Legs lock up tight and smooth, it feels like it has been sitting in a closet waiting to be used (which it has been). I bought it for travel, but I've always ended up bringing my larger tripod instead mostly due to long exposures and vibration dampening from wind. There are a few scuffs on the feet and on the center column, but nothing to be considered even "moderate usage". Asking for $450 shipped.

    The center column was for a series 3 Gitzo, used for maybe 6 months; but then switched to a series 5. A few scuffs here and there, but the column still locks up tight and slides smoothly. Asking for $75 shipped.

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