Hello all,

I'm selling some vintage gear from my friend collection and thought I'd try here before evilbay.

1) NIKON NIKKOR-Q C 13.5cm/135mm 1:3.5 RANGEFINDER - $150
-Optically and cosmetically it's a 9. Near mint condition, but there is some oil on the aperture blades. The aperture and focus move smoothly throughout the range. Comes with front and rear caps + filter.

2) Jupiter - 3 5cm (50mm) f/1.5 - $115
-cosmetically and optically an 8. There is some dust in the lens, but it is pretty small with only one easily noticeable piece. Aperture blades show signs of wear, but move smoothly from f/1.4 - 22 CAMERA IS NOT INCLUDED!

3) Jupiter - 11 13.5cm (135mm) f/4 - $80
-cosmetically and optically a 7. Some dust in the lens, oil on the blades, but they move freely/smoothly as does the focus.Comes with front and rear caps.

Shipping is $18 for SECOND DAY FED-EX AIR insured if you buy one or all three. This is an 80% discount off normal rates. Paypal included in price. .