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Thread: FOR SALE: OLYMPUS E-P2 FAST LENS KIT, 20MM F1.7 + 40 MM F1.4, NEW.

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    1.New Olympus E-P2 CAMERA w/EVF boxed.
    2. New PANASONIC 20mm F1.7 LENS
    3. OLYMPUS PEN F G. Zuiko 40mm f1.4 LENS
    4. New RJ- M 4/3 TO PEN F ADAPTER

    Offered here is a unique camera/lens package for the discerning photographer. This Artisan lens kit is ideal for those seeking unrestricted photographic creative potential. To this end this kit combines the best available M-4/3 camera body, the Olympus E-P2 with electronic viewfinder with two of the fastest and most appealing lenses available for Micro Four Thirds cameras. This camera is compact and of high performance and is especially suited to creative photography with built in ART Filters, multiple exposure feature among others and has several key attributes such as In-body Image Stabilization (IBIS) (which no Panasonic body has or is expected to have as they are committed to optical IS in lens) full manual control of stills and video capture. The E-P2 gives Image stabilization to any lens that can be mounted with an adapter, which means most lenses ever made, including Leica M rangefinder lenses and other top notch glass (even Cinema Cine lenses or the diminutive Pentax 110 lenses).

    To bring out the most performance of this great Micro Four Thirds offering from Olympus, it is combined with Panasonic's well renowned and strongest offering of the lens lineup to date for this system, the Lumix 20mm f1.7 large aperture normal lens and Olympus's own classic, a super sharp high speed lens, the PEN F G. Zuiko Auto-S 40mm f1.4 (With this lens you get to own a piece of photographic history, originally released around 1963 and very highly regarded ever since). With these two lenses you have fast glass in the most compact package. The Lumix lens has fast AF speed on the E-P2 and becomes the normal lens with equivalent focal length of 40 mm. With the Zuiko, we have a classic fast aperture lens with equivalent focal length of 80 mm, a miniature short tele/portrait lens.

    One of the greatest advantages of the M4/3 system, small size and light weight are maximised with the use of these two lenses. The lense are petit in physical stature, weighing in at just 100g and 165g, respectively, but are THE heavy weight champions in performance when it comes to sharpness, low light shooting capability, depth of field control and Bokeh, not to mention portability. Also, both lenses focus down to an exceptionally close distance, the Panasonic 20mm focuses to about 18cm from the lens, while the Zuiko 40mm focuses to 35 cm, both producing fantastic blurred backgrounds or OOF rendering of light. These lenses are the tool of choice when you want to make a photograph and not just snap a picture.

    The Kit includes:

    1 . Black Olympus E-P2 Digital camera with EVF, US Model, new in box as a demo (everything included), only opened for testing. Unsigned Warranty card, valid for one year.

    See reivew:
    2. Panasonic Lumix 20mm f1.7 lens (H-H020):

    New lens with front and rear caps and storage pouch. 100% Like new condition, only tested to function properly.
    3. Olympus Pen F G. Zuiko 40mm f1.4 Lens, MINT.

    Glass is perfect, both front and rear, no marks or scratches
    No haze or fungus inside lens
    Focusing ring turns smoothly
    Aperture is snappy (clear clicks between f stops) and stops down as it should (with DOF preview button pressed in if no adapter installed, Note, the Pen F lenses were stopped down by the Pen camera at shutter release, however, with the RJ adapter installed they stop down with manual rotation of the aperture ring).
    Unique aperture ring can be reversed, either to show f stops 1.4-16 or #1-6.

    4. RJ Pen F to M4/3 adapter, new in box.

    Cost: $1849 + shipping

    Shipping and Handling:

    Kit will be shipped Fedex Air Express post with insurance and tracking included. Flat rate shipping fee is $39 North America, $58 Worldwide (at discretion of seller).

    In Canada, Interac Email Transfer preferred, Paypal users must be verified members (Add 3% to total). Local pickup available.
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    Re: FOR SALE: OLYMPUS E-P2 FAST LENS KIT, 20MM F1.7 + 40 MM F1.4, NEW.

    Lowered Price: $1735 takes it.

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    Re: FOR SALE: OLYMPUS E-P2 FAST LENS KIT, 20MM F1.7 + 40 MM F1.4, NEW.

    P M sent. Is this still available?

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