Looking for a couple of the following:

1. Silver-interior, removable face, recessed front ~2x3' Profoto, Chimera, Photoflex, Creative Light (in roughly that order of preference) softbox.

2. Silver-interior, removable face, recessed front ~1x3 or ~1x4 Stripbox, same vendor preferences, preference to 1x3.

3. Grids for the above - don't care on make, as long as fits.

4. Basic (e.g. Photoflex or Chimera Pro/ProII, white) 54x72 box. Looking for a robust ~54x72 to use as a quick, 1-light, white background so I'm looking for BIG and ability to get front diffuser as flush to floor level as possible. Currently use a 53" Octa for same, but want a rectangular unit instead.

4. Speedring(s), Profoto mount, from any of Chimera, Profoto, CL.

Shipping to Canada via USPS, payment by PP (or EMT if in Canada). Emails please.