I'm selling a Hasselblad 2000 FCW (Includes Acute Matte Screen) that comes packaged with a Hassy FE 150mm F/2.8, Hassy PME 45 Prism, and 120 Back.

A note on some of the gear.

The 150mm lens has a big ding around the front barrel that doesn't effect performance at all. See Photos.

Also the PME 45 Prism's meter does not operate. The Hassy viewfinder with this prism is the largest, brightest I've ever seen.

Both camera and lens (with ding) were purchased from Keh Camera less than a year ago. They work flawlessly.
As a matter of fact the Hassy FE 150 is sharper that my Contax 645 140mm lens.
Prism was purchased from Samys Camera here in Los Angeles.

Complete package above is $1,000 plus shipping.

I also have additional 120/220 backs for sale. Contact me for info.