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Thread: Leica Hermes MP kit with 35mm summicron asph (PRICE REDUCTION)

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    Leica Hermes MP kit with 35mm summicron asph (PRICE REDUCTION)

    Price reduced to $7100 net to me:

    I am selling my cherished MP Hermes with its limited edition 35mm Summicron ASPH lens that originally sold for $10,000 and now sell for between $9000 and $12000 in new condition. There were only 500 Hermes cameras made in 2003, when Leica was partially owned by Hermes. Hermes is a French company famous for its saddles and clothes. This is 50/500, a nice number. The camera is covered in Hermes tan leather and is exquisite to hold. It is an amazing leather to hold. The neck strap has beautiful stitching. I recently asked how much it would cost for an extra Hermes neck strap at Leica USA and it was $990, just for the strap. The camera comes with a special chrome body cap.

    The 35mm Summicron has a matching 50/500 serial number and has special features. The focusing tab is chromed metal instead of black plastic. And the hood is beautiful chromed brass, instead of rectangular plastic. The lens comes with a chrome lens cap. It originally came with a chrome rear lens cap as well, which was stolen. I have replaced it with a more valuable original Leitz chrome lens cap which sells for over $150 in auctions.

    I have owned the camera since new and have put only about 20 rolls of film through it since I started shooting digital shortly after buying the camera. But even 20 rolls of use has created small signs of use, which I have presented in the accompanying pictures. Notably, there is minor polishing of the camera body where the leather strap rubbed against it (the MPs don't have the black plastic strap protectors, thankfully). There is a very minor rub mark on the chrome lens hood and a small, round raised area on the back, just to the left of the iso dial.

    For this reason I am not asking $9,000 to $12,000 like the other sellers. Here is how the value breaks down:

    a USED non-Hermes MP sells for about $3000

    a USED non-Hermes 35mm Summicron sells for about $2000.

    The strap alone would cost $990

    and the special chromed hood cost $318

    Chrome body cap part number 420-104-047-000 is $100

    Chrome front lens cap part number 422-502-110-000 is $130.00

    The a la carte cost of putting regular, not Hermes, leather on an MP is $330

    So the total cost for a USED regular MP with a NORMAL 35mm Summicron ASPH and the above goodies would cost about $6900. This is without it being a special edition limited to 500 copies using Hermes leather. This is without the unique Summicron with chromed focus tab. And this is without the collectors value of a very special camera and its co-production by Hermes.

    Adding in these intangible values to the $6900 and the fact that pristine examples have a buy it now price of $9000-12,000 I am going to sell my camera for $7100, only $200 more than a similarly equipped regular MP with normal 35mm Summicron ASPH lens and accessories.

    Please email me at [email protected] as I don't check PMs very often.

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    Re: Leica Hermes MP kit with 35mm summicron asph (PRICE REDUCTION)

    Wish I had $7100
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    Re: Leica Hermes MP kit with 35mm summicron asph (PRICE REDUCTION)

    Just gorgeous. Out of my price range, but absolutely gorgeous nonetheless.
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    Re: Leica Hermes MP kit with 35mm summicron asph (PRICE REDUCTION)

    Thanks. It is the loveliest camera I have ever held.

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    Re: Leica Hermes MP kit with 35mm summicron asph (PRICE REDUCTION)

    Holy moose knuckle thats NICE!

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