If you use 25 (or the Lieca 24mm) or the 28mm lens, you gotta look through one of these Zeiss finders. They are so bright and clear, it's better than real life!

Anyway, I have an excellent condition Zeiss ZM 25/2.8 for sale, including both caps, the hood ($125+ just for that), plus the Zeiss 25/28 finder.

Photos here:

All wide angle shots on this portfolio were taken with this lens:
(e.g. the 2nd, 5th, 6th etc.)

Glass is clean, body is clean, operational no problem. Focus fine. etc. etc. EXCELLENT lens!

Finder: $400
Lens+hood+caps (including boxes): $975

$1300 for both, plus shipping. Prices net to me.

I own my software company http://www.imagecraft.com, plus have feedback on "that site."

Thank you.

// richard