Sinar Hy6-e75r ultimate quality complete camera system.
Sinar Hy6-e75r Complete Camera system with live image

The Sinar Hy6 e75 features the following highlights:

. Innovative 6x6 camera format . Easily rotatable handgrip for most suitable ergonomic position
. Intuitive operation thanks to hardware dials and flat menu structure
. Automatic orientation of the display for comfortable reading
. Automatic white balance
. Live image for pixel accurate focusing
. Flash synch time up to 1/1000 second - dedicated for people and fashion photography . Best suited for fashion shoots with up to 0.9 exposures/ sec, fast flash sync time and a sensitivity of up to ISO 800 711.14.045

Sinar Hy6-e75 comprises:-

Sinar Hy6 Body

Schneider AFD Xenotar 2.8/80 PQS lens
eMotion/Sinar Hy6 Revolving Adapter
Sinarback emotion 75 LV
Firewire Cable 1394 B, 4.5 m
Sinar V290 Batteries, 7.2 V Li+
Twin Charger V290 Battery (including Mains adapter, and 12V Lighter cable)
CF Card 4 GB
CF Card Reader
Gray Card
White Shading Diffusor 100
Digital Cleaning Kit
Sinarback Software on CD
Sinar Hy6 System Case,

The emotion 75 cameraback can be used on the Sinar Hy6 and also with other camera bodies thanks to interchangeable adapters

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