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Thread: WTB: 21mm Zeiss Biogon C f/4.5 + 21mm finder

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    WTB: 21mm Zeiss Biogon C f/4.5 + 21mm finder

    I received a Voigtländer 21mm PII Skopar about a week ago, but it really isn't working all that well (very soft). So it is going back to the dealer for a refund.

    Next on the list is a black Zeiss 21mm Biogon C f/4.5, so if you have one you're looking to sell, I'm interested. If you have a 21mm finder as well, that would be great (Voigtländer or Zeiss).

    Please PM with your price. I have to pay a hefty 25% VAT on top of this (I live in Norway), so it's always good to do math upfront.

    References available, just ask.
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